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Walid Siddiqui Surprising Fans with Nikah Ceremony Picture

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Walid Siddiqui has made her fans Surprised by sharing his Nikah Ceremony Pictures. Recently he has shared a picture from his Nikah Event and fans are getting surprised after seeing this. Walid Siddiqui a model who is turning modeling to a new look by his attitude and aggressive looks and style.

Walid Siddiqui is a talented and handsome Pakistani model. While, he was born in Chicago, but he lives in Pakistan because of his modeling career.

Pic of Walid Siddiqui

Walid Siddiqui is such a good friend of Actress Hania Amir. However, Walid Siddiqui and Hania Amir are together seen in many pictures. He has recently did a photo shoot with gorgeous actress Saba Qamar. Let see more about Handsome Model Walid Siddiqui. 

Walid SIddiqui Nikah Ceremony

Walid Siddiqui has recently shared a beautiful picture of his Nikah ceremony. He seems very happy and cheerful in pictures. He also wrote a caption ” In the Name of Allah #Nikah #Alhamdullilah”.

After uploading his picture many of his fans congratulate him. His comment section is full of Blessings and dua’s from his fans. Moreover, many Celebrities have also seen congratulating Walid Siddiqui him on his big day.

Walid Siddiqui Nikah Ceremony

Walid Siddiqui started his career debut in 2012. He was 11 year old, from then he loves to do modeling. He started his career by joining a modeling agency in Florida. While, he came to Pakistan and did a lot of commercials here and started modeling in Bridal Couture Week. He has also appeared in many TV shows. In his interview he said that he always want to came in front of lights and camera.

In one of his interview, he gives advice to new models to focus more on their poses and style, rather than doing something just for fame. He said in his interview that if he weren’t a model, he will be an actor. While talking about his fashion industry he answer that Do what you love don’t be get cool for your girlfriend only. Here are the picture from Walid Siddiqui’s Nikah Ceremony.

Congratulations to the couple. What are your thoughts over Handsome Model Walid Siddiqui Nikah Picture? Let us know in the comment section.

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