Who is the Real owner of Parizaad Luxurious house

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After Parizaad drama people are curious to know about the famous house of Parizaad. Which is handover to Parizaad after the death of Behroz Kareem played by Nouman Ijaz in that drama. So lets have a look to the real owner of this grand and luxurious house of Parizaad.

Not just Parizaad character has maintain a huge impact over minds of people. But also people are so inspire from luxurious house of Parizaad. In the drama it as real owner name Behroz Kareem. He died at end and named this house to Parizaad. While people wants to know the main yet real owner of Parizaad Luxurious house.

Parizaad house
Parizaad house

So this luxurious and grand lavish house is situated in Gulberg green Islamabad. And it’s real owner name is Usman Zafar Cheema. Usman reveal that he is selling this house or may be he will rent it because they are soon going to shift in their new house. Also he reveal the shocking price of this luxurious grand house that made Parizaad fans more shocked.

Parizaad house

Usman says that this price has market value of 60 crores. Yes this grand lavish house worth up to 60 crore rupees. While all the cars which was used during shoot including range rover belongs to Usman. He share that in drama his house and card used which was quite impressive in that drama. Also he told that he started receiving calls from relatives when they see his house in drama shooting.

Parizaad house

This house is situated in the area of 10 kanal. It has 14 luxurious rooms but it has wide and grand corridors and lounges. Parizaad team did shooting in house for more than 12 to 13 days. While he reveal that little bit shooting is remaining. While during shooting he said the team to give house to a positive character in drama not a corrupt one but when he saw that house belongs to a gangster in drama reluctant. But then team told him that it will later belong to parizaad who is a good person.

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