Woman leaves taking drugs after using google on Android phone

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Woman leaves taking drugs after using google on Android phone. Well you have listened many love stories and many lovers who got addicted to drugs after failure` in love. But Here is a unique woman who started taking drugs after failure in love and later left drugs in the love of Google. Can’t believe us But yes It’s true.!

Google made woman forget her first love but in something twisted way. In a recent interview of daily Pakistan. While you have listen a famous dialogue that “If you have not taken drugs in love? Is your love true?” Here is a woman who started using listening songs on google and YouTube. While listening to songs she truly remember her love and forget to take drugs.

Woman leaves drugs
Woman leaves drugs

Her drug addiction is fully control by google. Also she searches songs through google voice and google always shows her wrong songs. She search for Noor Jahan and google shows her songs of Naseebo Lal! Well it’s quite interesting that google is helping this lady to get addict to social media rather than to drugs.

Telling her love story to audience she told “My father always sent me to bought dairy products at a shop and and I fall in love with shop keeper but unfortunately both of our parents were not agree at this proposal”. Also she told that her parent forces her to married someone else but after marriage she got to know that he takes drugs”. While remembering first love she loves to listen sad songs at YouTube.

Woman leaves drugs

Also the host ask did you know how to search and write on google. So woman replied that” No I don’t know how to write” but she showed how to search songs through a function ” voice search”. Also she told that after getting fail in love she use to do drugs, also she become drug addicted.

On asking of host woman told that her husband is no more and the man which she loves a lot is now move to America.

So what are your thoughts Woman leaves taking drugs after using google on Android phone? Let us know in the comment box!

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