Yasir Hussain shares cute moment to Kabir Hussain with Raya Hayat Khan

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Actor Yasir Hussain shares such an adorable picture of Kabir Hussain with Raya Hayat Hussain. With such a great caption that fans are laughing over his good sense of humor. So lets have a look to this cute moment of Kabir Hussain.

Actor Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz has recently reveal their baby face pictures over social media. While the couple is super possessive and caring about their baby boy Kabir Hussain. That’s why they didn’t uploaded any picture after his birth. After sharing some cute baby shoot pictures of Kabir Hussain now they mostly shares his video on stories and posts.

Iqra Aziz shared kabir picture with “caption Meet #kabirhussain
Our hearts are full of love and we thought it’s time to share it with you All♥️ Happy 5months my baby boy. Special thanks to @sobabyphotography for the beautiful photoshoot for kabir when he was 3months⭐️” on December 2021

Also Sadia Ghahffar has decided to reveal her daughter hayat khan pictures to social media. Just after iqra and yasir reveal their baby pictures. She also wrote in caption “Happy new year everyone! Raya Hayat Khan ❤️MashaAllah”. While raya has won every one heart over social media.

Yasir Hussain shares

Recently Sadia Ghaffar and Iqra Aziz have a meet up at their home. Sadia Ghaffar can be seen introducing her little angel to kabir Hussain. While Iqra Aziz also in that picture. Yasir Hussain share this picture with some funny caption. He wrote” ab wakt agaya hai k hum apni dosti ko,.,.,.,., 😁Say MashAllahKABIR aur raya ki pehli mulakaat( First meet up of Raya and Kabir)

He also mentioned his friend Hayat khan in that picture.

Yasir Hussain shares

So what are your thoughts over Yasir Hussain shares cute moment to Kabir Hussain with Raya Hayat Khan? Let us know in the comment box! Thank you

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