Young Pakistani Actresses

Young Pakistani Actresses and Their Son’s

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When an actress got married mostly it is said that now her career is finished. But there are some Young Pakistani Actresses in our industry whose sons are about to marry but they looked so young that it looks that they have not even married and sometimes they looked younger sisters of their son’s.

These actresses are so beautiful and young that people want to know how are they so well maintained and beautiful, despite having so big children.

Let us have a look on these Young Pakistani Actresses Who Looks Younger Than Their Son’s:

Kiran Khan And Her Son:

Kiran Khan is a famous cooking show host. She is also a host of many other shows and a regular guest of morning shows as well. While looking at her she looks like an unmarried college-going girl. But this is not the case, she is not even married once but twice in her life. She has a son from her first marriage who is a young man now. Kiran Khan shared pictures from his son’s graduation day function and she is looking like a younger sister of his son. She looks so young and beautiful that her picture gets quite viral on the internet. She has no kids from her second marriage.

Kiran Khan Son

Rubab Masood And Her Son:

Famous model Rubab Masood who is not working nowadays. She is a very young-looking and beautiful mother of his son. She has only one son who is a university going. Rubab doesn’t share her pictures a lot. But when she posts some pictures with her son nobody believes that it’s her son. Because his son looks like his brother. She kept herself young just like a model

Young Pakistani Actresses

Shaista Lodhi And Her Son :

Famous morning show host Shaista Lodhi is now running her own clinic. She is just getting younger and younger day by day. Her eldest son is all grown up now and have a business of herbal skin care products. whenever Shaista shares her picture with her son it seems like she is a younger sister of his son. Shaista starts looking like a college-going girl and no one believes that she has such grown-up children.

Shaista Lodhi Family

Among These Young Pakistani Actresses Who Looks Younger Than Their Son’s, Which One Is Your Favourite? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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