Youtuber Bilal and Maria celebrated their wedding functions after 2 years

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Most unique couple of the year Youtuber Bilal and Maria has won hearts sharing their mehndi ceremony. The couple fall in love with each other while there families were not that happy with their wedding! Now they are celebrating their main wedding events after two year with family. Lets have a look.

Youtuber Bilal and Maria
Youtuber Bilal and Maria

Maria and Bilal first met with each other where they both doing job together. While the couple fall in love with each other but families were not agreed at their wedding. But as they both loved each other so they decided to tie knot. After spending two year their family have accepted their relationship and now after 2 years of their Nikah. They are celebrating their main functions. Also the most interesting thing is that their 9 month old daughter is also enjoying parents wedding.

Here have a look to their video!

While the couple has also a YouTube channel. Where Maria and Bilal upload their daily life vlogs. Also they have decided to celebrate Valima and Mehndi Ceremony with families. All the main event their wedding events start with Mehndi Dholak and then valima.

Maria says that it’s such excited for my daughter when she will see this video after some time. In interview with Urdu Point Bride says that when they get married they didn’t met for 2 years while during this time they both feel so lonely missing their families.

Youtuber Bilal and Maria

So what are your thoughts over this unique wedding of Youtuber Bilal and Maria celebrated their functions after 2 years with daughter. Let us know in the comment box!

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