Bollywood Actress Sana Khan Wedding Secrets

Bollywood Actress Sana Khan Wedding Secrets

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Sana Khan is a famous former actress in the Bollywood Industry. Sana Khan started her career in 2005 with the film Ye Hai High Society. The former actress worked in many films, dramas, and ads and is mostly known for her bold avatar. Sana Khan married two days earlier in a private wedding ceremony. In today’s article, we talk about Bollywood actress Sana Khan wedding secrets.

Bollywood Actress Sana Khan

33-year-old actress Sana Khan left the Bollywood industry and told her fans that she left the industry for Islam and now onwards she will not work in Bollywood and she started hijaab as well.

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2 days ago the actress got married and her nikkah video and pictures went viral and are all over the internet. Sana Khan wore a beautiful white gown with a headscarf and is looking extremely gorgeous in her nikkah dress. The guy also wore traditional white shalwar kameez and both are looking extremely happy together. People were talking about the actress and her husband. Who is he? and from where he came? Dont worry we have all the information for you guys.

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Sana Khan married a guy who is from Gujrat, India. He is a student of famous scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel and himself is a Mufti named Anas. Sana Khan shared her picture with her husband in a red bridal dress and told the reason for marrying him. She wrote in her caption ;

“Loved each other for the sake of Allah, Married each other for the sake of Allah, May Allah keep us united in this Duniya And reunite us in Jannah
Fabi ayyi ala-e rabbekumaa tokazzebaan”

sana khan and mufti anas wedding

Earlier this year Sana Khan had a breakup with her boyfriend who is a famous choreographer and both are a very lovey-dovey couple but did their breakup and announced it publicly and Sana Khan accused him of cheating and many other things.

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