Celebrities that offer prayer

Celebrities that offer prayers at sets even on shooting,

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Celebrities that offer prayers at sets. As celebrities are very busy in their lives. They don’t have much time to do other things but some celebrities don’t miss their prayer. Even they stop shooting to offer Namaz on sets.

People who are fond of worship and have strong faith, It doesn’t matter where they are or what are others doing. Their prayers are very important so they can’t miss them. Even during shooting, they stop their work for Namaz. Here, highlighting Celebrities that offer prayers at sets even on shooting.

Celebrities that offer prayers

Shahrukh Khan:

Bollywood King Shahrukh khan who just not only has one religion, But many times people have seen him Praying tasbeeh at sets. Moreover, his pictures of praying tasbeeh are also uploaded on many social media pages. In the holy month of Ramadan, Sharukh khan shared a picture of his son. We can see in that picture Shahrukh’s son was offering Namaz.

Celebrities that offer prayers

Sajal Ali who is known for her tremendous acting has also another side. Pakistani Actress Sajal Ali has performed many great project in Drama Industry. Many time people seen her offering Namaz at sets. She usually seen busy in offering Namaz and prayers.

Sajal Ali offer prayers at sets:

Feroze Khan spotted offer prayers at sets :

Feroze Khan is mostly in discussion nowadays due to his acting role in “Khuda or Muhabbat 3”. As people are fond of his acting and drama projects.

Recently Feroze khan has also left showbiz for Islam but he gave his comeback again. He also said that his sheikh orders him to return to Drama Industry. Feroze Khan strictly follows his shedule of Namaz. Feroze khan spotted many times with Great Islamic Scholar Molana Tariq Jameel Sahab. Both were praying Namaz together.

Feroze khan pics

Fahad Mustufa:

Pakistani film and drama actor Fahad Mustufa is best known for his hosting in show “Jeeto Pakistan”.
Fahad offers prayer Namaz five times regularly.

Recently his video got viral on social media. He was offering Namaz in his office, while his video got viral. His video got viral like fire on social media.

Fahad mustufa pics

Sabiha Hashmi:

Senior Drama artist Sabiha Hashmi has done great projects like “Fitrat” and “Rang Mahal”. She never misses her Namaz, even during shooting. She stops her shooting work for Namaz.

sabiha hasmi pics

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