Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses

Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses

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Behind any photoshoot of a brand, there is a whole story to tell. Many days of research, idea, composition, target audience, deciding a model, shoots, makeup, jewelry, location, and many many more things that need to be done. Photoshoots are a very difficult genre in general because in photoshoots you have to describe the whole story and convey your message just through an image. And in this article, we are talking about disappointing photoshoots of Pakistani actresses.

Photoshoots are not new but are a very old way of conveying messages. What is new is a widespread of social media through which not any good or bad things go unnoticed. Almost every brand relies on Photoshoots these days. Some of the photoshoots were turned amazing while on the other hand there are some photoshoots that are very unimpressive and disappointing because of their ideas, dresses, location, wrong makeup, and many other reasons.

Lets have a look on disappointing photoshoots of Pakistani actresses

Ayeza Khan Photoshoot:

If we look at Ayeza Khan’s Instagram it looks that her life is all about photoshoots. She is doing a lot of photoshoots on daily basis. Ayeza Khan is such an actress that she never came in any type of rumors and never doing any politics. So her this photoshoot made a whole lot of controversy all over the internet and people are blaming Ayeza Khan for this. Although this her choice that she wanted to do this photoshoot or not, but this, not her idea. This is all a brand’s idea but people are blaming her.

When this COVID-19 situation starts and everyone is advised to wear masks as a precautionary measurement and our front line workers like doctors nurses and other paramedical staff who are sharing their stories how continuous use of these masks was making bruises on their faces and how they feel suffocated in it.

And in the middle of this whole pandemic situation, Ayeza Khan did this shoot where she is wearing a matching mask with her dress and showing it as an accessory to style yourself with a matching mask and making it a fashion statement. People didn’t get this and they think that this is a very disappointing photoshoot of Ayeza Khan.

Ayeza Khan New Photo Shoot
Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses
Ayeza Khan New Photo Shoot
Ayeza Khan Latest Photoshoot

Iqra Aziz Photoshoot:

Who can forget last year’s Lux Style Awards where Yasir Hussain proposed Iqra Aziz in front of the whole audience and people didn’t receive it well because before that they always show affection for each other. So this is their style of officializing their relationship. After that Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain did this monochromatic photoshoot and this is the first time in the history where any monochromatic photoshoot was not liked by people. And the only reason it could be is too much display of affection in front of the public.

Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses
Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

Ushna Shah Photoshoot:

This photoshoot of Ushna is very hard to digest. This is a photoshoot of Gold Jewellery and Ushna is fully laden with gold accessories. But the props used for photoshoots are questionable? The whole photoshoot is very awkward and Ushna Shah is also feeling uncomfortable. The pose on the stool is totally misfit and turns this whole photoshoot into a very disappointing and unimpressive photoshoot. Instead of jewelry props are getting more attention.

Ushna Shah Bold Pics

Hira Mani Photoshoot:

Everything in this photoshoot is overly done and one cannot figure what this photoshoot is about? Like it is about the formal wear of a ladies brand, or it is about the shoes or it is about accessories. Everything is too much from Hira’s makeup to Hira’s hairstyle not even one thing is going together. No doubt Hira tries very hard to bring that oomph factor but she badly fails at it. and this is one of the disappointing photoshoots.

Hira Mani Photo Shoot
Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses
Hira Mani Latest

Saba Qamar Photoshoot:

This photoshoot is for the magazine and they did a theme based photoshoot every month. But this one photoshoot is not all going well. Bad choice of the dresses, too much skin revealing and on that too much makeup and overly done hairstyle. Maybe this photo shoot is going well with the theme of the magazine but when to look separately the whole photoshoot is just crap and fans of Saba Qamar didn’t like. Saba Qamar turned off comments for her this photoshoot because it is making no sense and is a very disappointing photoshoot of Saba Qamar.

Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses
Saba Qamar Bold
Saba Qamar Bold Photoshoot

Kiran Haq Photoshoot:

This photoshoot of a Kiran Haq is a recreation of a famous Indian bride, which is a total fail. Kiran Haq is size zero and the clothes she is wearing are for size double zero so the discomfort shows on her face. On that recreation of makeup as well which is not at all suiting her because every makeup is not for every face. Choice of clothes, expressions, and hairstyle everything is different and not going together. The whole idea behind this photoshoot is very unimpressive and disappointing.

Kiran Haq Bold pics
Kiran Haq Bridal Photoshoot
Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses

Zara Noor Abbas Photoshoot:

Zara Noor Abbas is a dive herself and she wears what a beautiful gown in Hum Style Awards, The dress itself is such a beauty but the photoshoot turned it into a disappointing photoshoot. Poses of Zara Noor Abbas making her really awkward and funny at a time. What is a pose of putting your hands on the wall and thinking of oneself like a diva?. Zara Noor Abbas did a very minimal makeup which is not all going with the beautiful gown and the photoshoot didn’t do justice with this so gorgeous dress, which is the only thing to be praised in this photoshoot.

Zara Noor Abbas Dresses
Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses
Zara Noor Abbas

Kinza Hashmi Photoshoot:

Again very disappointing photoshoot because of props and backdrop. After viewing this photoshoot one cannot understand the concept of this photoshoot? Is a bride singer who loves to perform in all glammed up look? Very bad lighting and too dark backdrop merging the dress and whole look. if a lighter and a little brighter backdrop is used the whole photoshoot comes out like a bomb. But this whole photoshoot is very disappointing and a bad choice of Kinza Hashmi.

Pakistani Actress photoshoots
Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses
Kinza Hashmi Photo shoot

Hina Ashfaq Photoshoot:

Hina Ashfaq is a very hard working fashion model who is now the face of many famous brands just because of her hard work. This is a photoshoot of a couture collection of a famous fashion label. But this photoshoot is way too bold and disappointing. The uneasiness and tension in her arms is quite visible and it shows how bold and skimpy the gown is.

Pakistani Actress Bold photoshoots
Pakistani Actress Bold Pics
Hina Ashfaq Bold

What Are Your Thoughts On These Disappointing Photoshoots Of Pakistani Actresses? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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