Famous Pakistani Child Stars of 2020

Famous Pakistani Child Stars of 2020

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Everyone is quite aware of our Pakistani industry and its superstars who worked very hard to provide us the entertainment. There are many little child stars in our industry too. Their performance is no less than any other star. They are not alone in all this, their whole family supports them to give them the right platform to bring out the best in them. These Famous Pakistani Child Stars put a lot of hard work in their work and give such a brilliant performance that leaves us speechless. These Famous Pakistani Child Stars are full of talent and energy. And if given the right platform and support they will not only do wonders but will bring a good name for our country as well.

It might be very difficult to work with little children because sometimes they might not fully understand the drama or didnt have the idea that what is going on but it is worth to watch them on our screens doing so great, but lets not forget that behind these superb performances of little child stars there is whole team behind them who just not only give them the support but also give them the comfortable environment to work within.

Let us have a look on little child stars of our showbiz industry.

Pehlaaj Hassan:

Pehlaaj Hassan is a son of famous and most loved anchor Iqrar ul Hassan. Iqrar ul Hassan is not only a journalist but known for his other social works as well. His show Sar e Aam is one of the top shows of news channels.

Pehlaaj Hassan often comes to different shows with his father. But his proper acting debut is from the drama serial Alif. Pehlaaj Hassan played Hamza Ali Abbasi’s childhood as Momin in drama serial Alif. His role is quite a difficult one but this little Momin did so well in it that nobody would think for once that it is his first project. His expressions, his dialogue delivery everything is on point and everyone just loved this little star.

Pehlaaj Hassan Dramas

Shees Sajjad Gull:

Shees Sajjad Gul is a child of famous dramatists Saji Gul. Saji Gul is a famous dramatist of the showbiz industry. Shees Sajjad Gul did his debut in the famous drama serial of the last year Mere Pas Tum Ho. Mere Pas Tum Ho is such a hit drama serial that it not only breaks many previous records of TRP’s but also made many new records as well. It is the first drama that trends on no. 1 on twitter not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

Shees did such a great performance that no one believes that it is his first performance. His dialogue delivery is so powerful and acting is outstanding. Shees also gave many interviews after his drama and told his future plans about joining the industry. He wanted to join the industry properly after completing his studies. He loves to act and wanted to join acting as his profession He also made his Youtube channel after it and it is also a huge hit.

Shees Sajjad Gull Dramas

Sami Khan:

Sami Khan is also a new child Star of the industry. He starting his acting career from the Ramzan’s Hit drama serial Suno Chanda. Suno Chanda is such a hit that its second part Suno Chanda 2 was also made. His acting is such an outclass that he wins the Best Child Star award at the Hum Awards.

Sami Khan also has done many other dramas such as Wo Ik Pal, Dolly Darling, Tum Kon Piya, and acted in a film Heer Maan Jaa as well.

Famous Pakistani Child Stars of 2020

Maryam Khalif:

Maryam Khalif is such a cute and innocent little girl. She is one of the famous little stars in the industry. Maryam Khalif’s speaking style is very different and adorable. Many people loved her speaking style. She is a wonderful actress and acted so well.

Maryam Khalif starts her acting career from the drama serial Parchaaiyan. She has also done many other projects as well like Bashar Momin, Meri Beti and Koi Nhe Apna, Dil Ka Kia Rang Karun, Karb, Sanam, Gustakh Ishq, and Gila. She also worked in a film as well named Shab e Zulmat.

Maryam Khalif Dramas

Sara Kashif:

Colored eyed Sara Kashif is such a beautiful child star. She did such a great job in her debut drama Hamsafar that she has made a huge fan following after that. Her acting style is very different and she is a brilliant performer. She also acted in a drama serial Choti as well.

Famous Pakistani Child Stars of 2020

Bakhtawar Khan:

Famous little child star Bakhtawar Khan is a little sister of a beautiful actress Nimra Khan. Bakhtawar and Nimra have a huge age gap between them still both are doing great. Bakhtawar and Nimra also did many photoshoots together. Nimra Khan introduced her little sister to the industry at a very early age. Bakhtawar Khan is working in TVC’s from the age of one year. She has done numerous TVC’s until now.

Recently she is also started acting in dramas as well. Her debut drama serial is Rabba Menu Maaf Karin. She did a super job in her first drama. Her acting is on the point and she just gave her best. And we are sure that one day she will leave her sister behind in acting as she has such a great expression.

Nimra Khan Sister Dramas

Ahmed Ali Shah:

Who doesn’t know Ahmed Ali Shah? The internet sensation Ahmed Shah has a huge fan following. He becomes popular from his viral video where he is saying Peachy Tou Dhekho and this is the power of social media that it made Ahmed Ali Shah an internet sensation overnight.

Although Ahmed Ali Shah is not at all an actor and didn’t work in any drama serial until now. But he almost came on every show of Pakistan and has so many fans not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. He is also becoming a little child star in our industry and people know him more than any other child star of Pakistan.

Famous Pakistani Child Stars of 2020

Amongst These Famous Pakistani Child Stars Of Our Showbiz Industry, Which Is Your Favourite Pakistani Child Stars? Whose Acting Do You Like The Most? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You.

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