Film Star Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood to look young?

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Film Star Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood to look young? Rumors are circulating all over the social media of Film Star Anil Kapoor. Does Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood to look younger than his actual age?

Lets talk about these rumors. In this world there is no celebrity who don’t faces criticism or trolls at any thing. In this fast period of social media people are too much sharp as they made memes on jokes on any little things. Then later it became a big part of social media. While, celebrities had all the things in there life. A celebrity or actor gets fame money, love or anything they wants but on the dark side they faces many difficult things.

Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood

Yes! Being a celebrity is not an easy thing. They cannot do anything easily as they have to chooses all things wisely to appears as a celebrity in world or social media. Many celebrities are being a part of trolling and criticism . While, our Bollywood star Anil Kapoor is also being shocked. After hearing new trolling and rumors about his young age.

Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood
Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood

In a recent interview with Arbaaz Khan some shocking rumors reveals during a show. Evergreen hero Anil Kapoor was appear as a special guest in Arbaaz Khan show “Quick Heal Pinch”. In his show he talk about some opinions of fans regarding evergreen the Nayak Hero Anil Kapoor. A person said” He lives with his Plastic Surgeon” while other one said that “He drinks snake blood to look younger”. While another one said that” He will born young and he will die young”.

Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood

While star Anil Kapoor started laughing hilariously at the show. He said that “Is is genuine? or this must be paid comments”. While Arbaaz Khan responded that people are spreading these rumors actually about Nayak star Anil Kapoor.

While Anil Kapoor calmly responded to these Rumors. He says that “I’ve been fortunate. God has been kind to me-personally, professionally and financially. He furthur said the I recived so much! and thats helps in the way I look. Every body through goes to ups and downs. I’ve been fortunate. I have been blessed. He said that we have 24 hours so we should take care of our selves even for one hour.

What are your thoughts over this ever green Nayak hero Anil Kapoor? Let us know in the comment section.

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