Halloween Looks of Pakistani Celebrities

Halloween Looks of Pakistani Celebrities

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Halloween Looks of Pakistani Celebrities, Halloween is also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve is celebrated all over the world on 31 October evening. Its Is originated from the area which is now Ireland, France, and Uk. People of those times celebrated it because it marks the end of summer and the starting of long dark cold winter nights and they also harvest their crops. They celebrated it as an end of the year and on the 1st of November, their new year started.

Halloween in Pakistan

According to them, it is the time of human deaths so that’s why they wear costumes consisting of animal skins and heads and also did scary makeup because they believe that ghosts of the deceased returned to earth. They fire a sacred fire and burn crops and also sacrifice animals.

Pakistani celebrities also celebrate Halloween with full swing in solidarity with minorities because in the showbiz industry people from every religion work together as a family and everyone celebrates every event whether it is Holi, Dewali, Eid, Shabraat, Halloween, or Christmas.

This year Halloween was occur on Saturday, 31st November 2020.

In Pakistan, Halloween is also now widely celebrated not only in the showbiz industry but everywhere. Even in schools, it is celebrated to tell children about all the events celebrated all around the world. This time due to Covid-19 no such Halloween parties have been celebrated in Pakistan and Halloween is not being celebrated on such a huge scale but still, Pakistani celebrities try to celebrate it on a smaller scale.

Pakistani celebrities also dress up in their Halloween costumes and did a Halloween getup and spooky makeup following every Sops.

We have different pictures of celebrities from this and past Halloween parties. So lets have a look on different Halloween looks of Pakistani celebrities:

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