Hania Amir Lip Surgery gone wrong

Hania Amir Lip Surgery Done And People Think It’s Gone Wrong

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Hania Amir is one of the finest actresses of the Pakistani industry. Her debut film is Janaan through which she entered the industry and once she entered she never looked back, and now she is one of the most, known cute actress of the industry.

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After getting fame from her debut film she also entered the drama industry and until now she has done numerous dramas. Ishqiya and Dil Ruba are her recent dramas that are on airing nowadays. And people are loving her acting in both of her recent dramas.

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Hania Amir used to put her dubsmash on a dubsmash app. She is very good at it. Movie Janaan’s director and producer looked at Hania’s dubsmash and offered her the role of Janaan movie. This is from where she has started. Hania Amir is also known because of her dimples and cuteness on her face. Because of her dimples she has been given the name of Dimple girl by her fans. People admired her dimples and loved her innocence on her face.

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Hania Amir just shared her new photos and videos and while looking at them one can feel the difference in her face and upon noticing it is the lip fillers that are giving her a new look. Before Hania Amir Lip Surgery many other showbiz actresses have also got her lip surgeries done, and it now becomes a trend in our industry. Sadia Imam, Ayesha Khan, Alizeh Shah, and Mathira are a few actresses who have gone through lip surgery.

Hania Amir Lip Surgery
Hania Amir lip fillers Before and After
Hania Amir Lip Surgery Gone Wrong

Upon looking at other actresses Hania Amir is also gone for lip fillers and got her lip fillers done and now sharing her pictures and videos in her new avatar. People are not digesting Hania Amir lip surgery and definitely not like it as well. They are too angry with her for doing this to her doll face. People are abusing and taunting her a lot and she is facing a lot of criticism because of this.

Hania Amir criticism
Pakistani Actress criticism
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