Never force son Asim Azhar to leave father said Gul e Rana

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Dunk actress Gul e Rana reveal that she have never forced Asim Azhar to leave his father after divorce. Also the actress have shared some life expriences which people have to follow and lear from her! Lets have a look!

Akhir kab tak actress Gul e Rana has broken all the records through splendid performance in a negative role. Also eveyone knows that the famous Asim Azhar is Gul e Rana’s son. While now he became so famous after his song hit million of views over social media Jo Tu Na Mila, Teriyaan and Ghalat Fehmi. Asim loves her mother so much also he used to upload pictures over social media with mother. But Neitizens have never seen any picture of Asim with father.

Gul e Rana Asim
Gul e Rana Asim azhar
Gul e Rana Asim azhar

Talking about his divorce she opened up in a recent interview with “Gup Shup”. Gul e Rana told that she have never stopped her son from meeting his father also she never forced to leave him. While host asked her that “What is your biggest challenge as a single mother” so she replied. “I have never forced Asim to leave his father because he is still his father. He has right to meet his father also he can meet him when ever he wants to”

Gul e Rana Asim azhar
Gul e Rana Asim azhar

Also sharing some life experiences the actress said that stop spreading negativity and let people live happily. Also she said that “You should never transfer your children that negativity which you gone throw, it will ruins their lives. Gul e Rana think that children knows better than us also sometimes they teaches us what is happening! While It’s true that after divorce a lot of thing changes, sharing a personal moment. Gul e Rana told that once Asim’s aunt said that “Our relation will remain same with Asim. It will never going to end and I agree it she is totally right!

So what are your thoughts over Never force son Asim Azhar to leave father said Gul e Rana? Let us know in the comment box!

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