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Money and fame attract everyone towards itself and it is very difficult to refrain from it. The showbiz industry is full of glints and while watching it one cant stay away from this glint. If one of the family members is a part of such a life, having fame and getting so much attention and love then one can automatically want to join it. As it says that younger always follow their elders so the same is the case with our showbiz stars and their brothers. Many Pakistani celebrities handsome brothers following the footsteps of their elder siblings wanted to join the industry.

As elder siblings have fame and contacts and they can easily promote their younger ones in the family so why not? It’s always a good idea to introduce some new people in the field so people also don’t get bored and have a variety of faces to look upon.

Let us have a look at some of the Pakistani celebrities handsome brothers who are ready to join the industry.

Adnan Raza Mir:

Adnan Raza Mir is a son of famous TV and film actor Asif Raza Mir and a brother of a super talented Ahad Raza Mir. Asif Raza is such a phenomenal actor. Hee was very active in the late ’80s and then in the ’90s. Now he is not that active but often can be seen in dramas. And who doesn’t knows about Ahad Raza Mir? Ahad is a brilliant actor and is a heartthrob of many. Ahad got married to Sajal Aly who is also a superb actress of our industry and loved by many. Their couple is the hot favorite celebrity couple and people just want to know everything about them.

As this whole family is in showbiz then we are deliberately waiting for Adnan’s debut in the industry. He is an active social media user and often shares his pictures with his brother and sister in law. Adnan will also follow his family’s path and will soon join the industry.

Ahad Raza Mir Brother

Muhammad Ali:

Muhammad Ali is the younger brother of Sajal Aly and Saboor Aly. Sajal and Saboor are celebrity sisters and loved by many. Both have a huge fan following. Sajal joined the industry first and after a lot of hard work and passion, she made her own special place in the industry. After that, she introduced her sister Saboor Aly to the industry. Saboor Aly is not as famous as Sajal but her acting is quite impressive and she has a bright future. After getting married to Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal got more popular and it increased her fan following.

Sajal and Saboor’s younger brother Muhammad Ali is the younger ones in the family and Sajal often expresses his love for his siblings. Sajal is very close to her siblings and after their mother’s demise, she looks after them like a mother. Sajal and Saboor both shared their pictures with their brother and is very handsome and good looking. So it might be a possibility that he also joins the industry. Everyone already seen Muhammad Ali’s pictures with Sarah Khan as well. So there is something and we hope to see this young good looking man on our screens soon.

Sajal aly brother muhammad ali

Abdullah Javed:

Abdullah Javed is a brother of famous actress Sana Javed. Sana Javed is a brilliant actress and she is just improving her acting skills day by day. She has done such great acting in a few of the recent dramas that she has came in of the top actresses of the industry. Last year Sana Javed introduced her sister Hiba Javed in the industry. Hiba Javed did a very small role in a famous drama of the year Mere Pass Tum Ho. Although her role is very small she did such great acting that one cannot just ignore her. So now when her sister is already did her debut in the industry now Sana Javed is introducing her brother Abdullah.

Sana Javed shared her birthday pictures and her brother is the prominent one in them. No doubt he is handsome and has a face that is pure hero material. We have seen Abdullah’s photoshoots as well and they are also quite impressive. So now we can just wait for his break in the industry and we know once he got his break than no one can stop him from becoming no 1 hero of the industry.

Sana Javed Brother Abdullah Javed

Daniyal Zafar:

Daniyal Zafar is a brother of the famous actor, singer, and composer Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar is known for his singing, but he is a brilliant actor as well. Not only in Pakistan he is liked by many in India as well. He has done a film there as well.

Daniyal Zafar is first seen singing with Momina Mustehsan and from there he got so much popularity. After that Daniyal is is seen in some of the commercials as well. People are waiting for his debut in some drama or film as he is pure hero material. Maybe someday Ali Zafar made a film like Teefa In Trouble for his brother as well.

Pakistani Celebrities Handsome Brothers

Haider Mustehsan:

Haider Mustehsan is Momina Mustehsan’s brother. The Afreen Afreen girl Momina Mustehsan is an internet sensation who get famous overnight because of her song in Coke Studio along with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Momina has a huge fan following and people loved her voice.

Haider is also a musician by profession. Momina when shared her pictures with her brother they all get viral and Haider also became an internet sensation. People are sharing his pictures and sending him love. We all can hope that Haider will do some projects soon.

Momina Mustehsan Brother Haider Mustehsan

Manoucheher Munawar:

Manoucheher Munawar is a younger brother of renowned actor Sheryar Munawar. Sheheryar Munawar is a famous TV and film actor. He has a very classy and elegant personality and always prefers quality over quantity. He always does very selective projects and always gives his best. He is such a brilliant actor.

Manoucheher Munawar is younger to Sheheryar but almost looks his twin. Manoucheher has a very creative mind and is known for his creativity. Everyone is waiting for his debut in the industry as he got such a personality and Sheheryar also starting his own production house so he should give a chance to his brother.

Famous Pakistani Celebrities Handsome Brothers

Amongst These Pakistani Celebrities Handsome Brothers, Whose Brother You Want To See In The Industry? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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