Pakistani Celebrities have a lot to say about Prime Minister Imran Khan

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Covering the talk of Pakistani Celebrities they have a lot to say about Prime Minister Imran Khan. Inflation in increasing in Pakistan day by day. Our new Prime Minister Imran Khan has increased the prices of all the basic need of daily life like sugar, petrol and electricity. In this week petroleum prices has hiked by up to 8.14 rupee.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

While our Pakistani Celebrities have a lot to say about the inflation of Pakistan. Our Prime Minister Imran Khan is fail to control the increment in budget. Pardes Star Dur e Fishan is no more remain quit at this issue. She took her Instagram account to point of Prime Minster. For not controlling the prices of sugar electricity and petroleum products.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Dur e Fishan shared a statement of Prime minister Imran Khan to her Instagram account. “Uproar in India too over petrol prices, Pakistan still cheapest in the region” PM Imran Khan. While showing reaction on this statement she said ” “Just another day in the life of leader who loves to fool common man based on their lack of knowledge”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Also host Iffat Omer tweeted about the Inflation of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan doesn’t care that how poor or middle class people will survive. She tweeted sarcastically on her twitter account. ” For God sake someone listen to him, For God sake someone gave him anything. How much oppressed, innocent and weak this man is, Also she uses a famous idiom Cow of God. Some one please listen to this oppressed man. Please have mercy and return all the money to this poor man he is so poor”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Also Pakistani Biggest game show host Fahad Mustafa says to the increasing price of Petrol. He tweeted on his twitter account saying “If he want so he can also increase upto 20 rupee but he only increase 10.49 rupee this is a leader. While fans are so much worried that he asked to Fahad Mustufa” Dear sir can we get little worried now?” and he funnily replied to him saying “Not little get worried a lot now”

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