Pregnant Pakistani Actresses

Pregnant Pakistani Actresses Going To Be A Mama Soon

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Children are such a blessing that makes one’s lives happy and lively. Having children is a great blessing from Allah and without children, every married couple feels incomplete. Usually all over the world actresses don’t get married at an early age, and during their high time of career and it is the same everywhere. But now in Pakistan new young actresses are changing this and are getting married at a young age, when they are on peak. It is very overwhelming to see these actresses changing the norms and practicing what they think is right for them. Why actresses don’t get married at a young age because it is seen that mostly after marriage the career of actresses just finishes. But our Pakistani actresses are also making it false with their examples. So here, we will discuss the newly married pregnant Pakistani actresses.

Let us have a look on pregnant Pakistani actresses who are going to be a mama soon.

Sanam Chaudhry:

Beautiful actresses Sanam Chaudhry, after getting married to Somee Chohan living with her husband outside Pakistan. She is active on her social media and shares her pictures for her fans. Recently on Sonam’s birthday, her husband, Somee Chohan planned a surprise for her. Sanam shared her surprising birthday pictures and we are just in aww. After looking at her pictures, it is clearly visible that she is expecting. She herself didn’t tell anything about her pregnancy but it is quite visible from her pictures and this is her way of informing her fans. Because if she wanted to hide she won’t share her these pictures. One of her fans asked her that when they will see Sanam back in the industry she replied that after having two children she will start working again.

Juggun Kazim:

Juggun Kazim is a wonder woman. She is an actress, a host, a designer, and whatnot. Juggun Kazim is also expecting her third child and she shared her news with the beautiful picture some time ago. Juggun already has two sons. The elder one is from her first marriage, which didn’t work out and she took a divorce after her son’s birth. Then she focused on her child and herself and start working again. Then after a few years, she again married and have another son. Now she is again going to be a mama soon. And this time its a girl. Yes! You heard it right. She is going to be the mother of a little princess. She did a whole gender reveal video on her youtube channel with her husband and sons. Her sons are very excited to welcome their sister.

juggun kazim pregnancy pics

Sajal Aly:

The beautiful and innocent actress of our industry Sajal Aly married to a most handsome hunk of the industry Ahad Raza Mir. They both have a huge fan following and their fans not only love them but adore them both. Sajal and Ahad have a destination wedding in Abu Dhabi, just before the COVID 19 situation. They have a very beautiful wedding ceremony in the presence of their close family and friends. Both are looking so lovely that is is impossible to take one’s eyes from them. After their wedding, they are still staying there and enjoying each other’s company. Both took a break from their work and enjoying their new relationship and giving time to each other. It is being said that Sajal is also expecting her first child and she will be back in the industry after her child. either Sajal or Ahad confirmed this news and they never deny it as well. So we are just also looking for their side of the story. But is Sajal is expecting than it is very good news for their fans and they will be more than happy to know that?

sajal ali pregnancy pics

Fatima Effendi:

Fatima Effendi is a brilliant actress in our industry. She got married at a very young age to the love of her life Kunwar Arsalan. Their love story is too cute. Both are married for a long time now and have two handsome sons. Recently Fatima celebrated her son’s birthday and there she is wearing a Keyseria’s long flary beautiful dress. From there the whole story starts. Fatima shared her son’s birthday pictures and people start wishing her on her pregnancy etc. But then after a day or two she cleared everything that she is not at all expecting and she said that wearing a long flary dress doesn’t always mean that you are expecting. She shares her gym picture on Instagram and said that she is doing her exercise.

Pregnant Pakistani Actresses

Sarah Khan:

Sarah Khan just took the internet to storm from her wedding. And from that day till now she is always in every news. People are just can’t get over her. They want to know everything about this couple. Falak’s grand proposal to their wedding functions everything just gets viral on social media. This couple’s fan following is just increasing day by day. And they are also very cool about it. Unlike other couples, they are sharing everything with their fans. Falak never gets shy about showing love to her wife publicly. He is always singing, cooking, and making Sarah happy. Both are enjoying their newly wedded phase and keeping their fans with them at every stage. A few days ago both wen on a little trip to Lahore and Islamabad and shared everything of their that trip also. Sarah Khan once tells in an interview that she loves children so much and she wanted to get married soon and have children. Her clip is going viral everywhere. And everyone is just waiting eagerly for this good news from this couple. Everyone is saying as Sarah loves children so this couple will be a parent soon. So let’s see when Falak and Sarah gave this good news to their fans who are now just waiting for this news.

Pregnant Pakistani Actresses

Amongst these Pregnant Pakistani Actresses Who Are Going To Be A Mama Soon, Whose Child You Are Waiting Anxiously? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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